June 24, 2017 · story


Welcome! I'm glad you're here. I'm Arnaud the guy who created jststrt. Besides quickly introducing myself, I'd like to tell you more about how and why I got into making my own habits tracker.

First of all, I'm not the biggest fan of all that jazz about self development and all. I never felt the need to set myself goals or to remind me on regular basis to accomplish things. I like to run, so when I feel like running, I do it and everything's fine.

But I have to admit that there are many others things I'd love to do more often. So, facing that problem, I started tracking some of these things I'd like to do more regularly on a calendar. I mean yes, an actual calendar made of paper. Among these things are reading, cooking vegetarian or working on my legs flexibility. By tracking them, I was then able to spot how regular or unregular I was, in a simple and visual way.

No pressure, no goals, it was easy... and efficient! By watching this graphical overview, I got the big picture in an instant: that's powerful as it quickly helped me adjust the difference between the reality of my activities and the idea I had of it. It still surprises me, how much it helped me to stay motivated and consistent in my practice.

Coloring a paper calendar is cool, but it's far from ideal. I searched for an existing app, but ended up considering building my own. And here we are. For now, jststrt is a very minimal product. The good thing is that the number of features was really limited. It helped me focus a lot on the design and the user experience, which are two areas far from my confort zone (like any good backend engineer) and that most of other apps generally neglect. I had a lot of fun giving life to a really basic and messy sketch. I also enjoyed making it as visually pleasing and intuitive as I could.

I'm the first user of jststrt but now it's time to let other try it, track their habits and become more consistent. I'm really excited about it. Honestly, I can't wait! I feel impatient because as soon as I designed it, I wanted it in the hands of others. I hope you'll try it, it's free to use, and feel free to make some feedback. I would be thankful for that.

Take care, and I hope you'll enjoy tracking y'all!